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National Publicity / Tour Publicity

DL Media has set the standard for successful public relations campaigns since 1988. With the shifting media landscape over recent years, our firm has focused on digital and broadcast media partnerships for premiering content and maximizing potential reach in national & regional publications for mutually beneficial audience growth and exposure between artist and publication. Each campaign is specifically targeted to match the needs of the client, however small or large, with a unique intent to develop careers through a long-term vision.

Brand & Audience Development

DL Media understands the ever-present need for direct-to-fan marketing through digital channels. Through our work with industry leading record labels, we have developed a strategy that goes hand-in-hand with public relations services to focus on consistent brand marketing and social media content creation and management by creating a unique/consistent online voice for fans to connect with. Developing relationships through creative online platforms/digital streaming services is key to effectively growing and retaining an organic and engaging audience.


DL Media has consulted the full scope of professionals in all aspects of the music industry and beyond, providing 30+ years of experience to record labels, festivals, independent artists, cultural arts organizations and arts venues. Our unique experiences through working with local city officials and national funding organizations to create the opportunities for arts-driven initiatives have lead to partnerships with a wide variety of national presenting and education organizations.

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