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ECM Releases Full Pat Metheny Catalog as High Resolution Downloads and Streaming

Pat Metheny’s ECM Catalog Available for the First Time as High Resolution Downloads and Streaming

Full 11-Album Catalog Hits Qobuz, Tidal,
HDtracks, Acoustic Sounds, Prostudiomaster,
Apple, and Amazon: AVAILABLE HERE

ECM is releasing, for the first time ever, Pat Metheny’s full catalog for high resolution downloads and streaming. Classic Metheny albums such as Bright Size LifeOfframp, and 80/81 are included as part of this initiative which span his releases with the label from 1976-1984.

“The main premise in digitizing the Pat Metheny tapes was not to change the sound of the recordings, but to realize them in the original form, in the best possible quality,” explains ECM Mastering Engineer Christoph Stickel. “The work was based on the original, analogue stereo master tapes. The masters are in very good condition and can be played without problems. All tapes were played by a Studer A820, which was meticulously calibrated to the respective tape. The analog signal was digitized in 96kHz / 24bit, which covers the complete spectrum of the original bands. In each case, a decision was made between a PrismSound ADA-8XR, an Antelope Eclipse Mastering AD, and a Mytek Brooklyn ADC, depending on which one suited best the respective recording. No de-noising and no other restoration affecting the sound was carried out.”

Here is a complete list of where and in what formats these albums will be available:

  • Qobuz (HD download and streaming)
  • HDtracks (HD download)
  • Acoustic Sounds (HD download)
  • Prostudiomaster (HD download)
  • Tidal (MQA Master streaming)
  • Apple (Apple Digital Master download and streaming)
  • Amazon (Amazon HD streaming)

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