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Alicia Olatuja Signs with Resilience Music Alliance

Resilience Music Alliance Announces
Signing of Vocalist Alicia Olatuja
New Album,
Intuition: Songs From the Minds of Women,
Coming in February 1, 2019
Resilience Music Alliance is proud to announce the addition of critically acclaimed and versatile vocalistAlicia Olatuja to the label’s growing eclectic roster. Praised by The New York Times as a “singer with a strong and luscious tone and an amiably regal presence on stage,” Olatuja has conceived a truly unique project that only a visionary artist like herself can execute: an album dedicated to and featuring music all created by inspiring female composers.
“Alicia is an incredibly talented singer, songwriter and musical interpreter who breaks down traditional genre boundaries,” says Label Co-Founder and President Steve Ruchefsky. “She has focused her attention for this project to interpret compositions by a wide range of female composers – all of whom, almost by definition, have shown incredible courage and resilience. We are excited to begin this creative partnership with Alicia and realize her vision!”
The album, titled Intuition: From the Minds of Women and to be released February 1, 2019, celebrates the achievements of a long list of esteemed female composers while offering a musical perspective unique to Olatuja. Olatuja is joined by Kamau Kenyatta and Ulysses Owens Jr. as producers and features Sullivan Fortner, Billy Childs, David Rosenthal, Ben Williams, Ulysses Owens Jr., Etienne Charles, Jeremy Pelt, and Dayna Stephens.
The signing of Alicia Olatuja reinforces the mission of Resilience Music Alliance, a label that transcends genre and focuses on empowering artists exploring our collective elemental condition of resilience while conceptualizing projects that resonate with the human spirit.
“Now could not be a better time to deliver a project that celebrates and champions women and their work,” says Olatuja. “The future is female and moving forward as a society is dependent upon everyone being able to create and contribute with courage and conviction, being heard and validated. I truly appreciate that Resilience has given me the platform with which to express this very meaningful project.”
About Resilience Music Alliance:
Resilience Music Alliance (RMA) is an artist/mission-driven record label founded by political/social activist Steve Ruchefsky and celebrated artist Rondi Charleston dedicated to releasing culturally diverse, world-class recordings that recognizes, celebrates and challenges the human condition of Resilience. After years in the legal, finance and investment world, Ruchefsky concluded that the way for real positive change to endure the test of time was to inspire, energize and engage listeners through message-driven music. Since its formation in 2017, RMA has released critically acclaimed albums from Ranky Tanky, Deepak Chopra, Rondi Charleston, Allan Harris and Django Festival All-Stars. In addition, the ground-breaking recording Fandango at the Wall: A Soundtrack for the United States, Mexico and Beyond from multi-GRAMMY® award-winning composer Arturo O’Farrill is set for release on September 28. 2018.