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Youn Sun Nah | “Immersion” on Warner Music Groups ARTS MUSIC Division


Youn Sun Nah
Shows She is a Citizen of the World
on Eclectically Powerful New Album Immersion

  Available September 27 via
Warner Music Group’s Arts Music Division

Lead Single “In My Heart” + Pre-Order Available
Friday, September 6 with Companion Music Video

“The Korean vocalist presented her set’s sumptuous music, she and her rich voice,
a treasure box of timbres, were the focal points.” – Ottawa Citizen
“A style-blending star.” – The Guardian
“An impressive mainstream following.” – The Times UK
“The South Korean singer Youn Sun Nah showed how seamlessly
she could move between impressionistic high drama, abstract improv,
or a folk artist’s candid simplicity.” – The Guardian
Describing the music of South Korean vocalist Youn Sun Nah can leave even the most articulate at a loss for words. Her voice, one of the most versatile and powerful of a generation, belies her modest stage presence between songs — evoking a Jekyll and Hyde dynamic in the best way possible. That tension between delicacy and raw power is ever apparent on her upcoming release Immersion, due out September 27 through Warner Music Group’s ARTS MUSIC Division. The lead single, “In My Heart,” will be available Friday, September 6 with a companion music video, coinciding with the pre-order launch.
Youn Sun Nah typically performs to sold-out theaters throughout Europe and has had two gold records in France and Germany. Immersion, Youn Sun Nah’s American debut, is an eclectic snapshot of emotionally riveting originals, traditional American folk and her takes on Marvin Gaye, Leonard Cohen and Supremes classics.
Hailed by The Guardian as “a style-blending star,” her story is as unique a her innovative approach to music. Youn Sun Nah was born into a musical family in South Korea and quickly earned a reputation for her astonishing musical prowess. After relocating to Paris to study chanson and jazz, her new home embraced her with the distinction “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres” by the French Ministry of Culture. She has performed on some of the world’s great stages, such as the Sochi Winter Olympics and with Herbie Hancock at International Jazz Day festivities in Havana. She has also repeatedly appeared at the Monterey, Montreux, Montreal, North Sea and Red Sea Jazz Festivals — among others.
With Immersion, U.S. audience will experience the musical prowess that has been astonishing audiences overseas for years. True to herself and her voice, Youn Sun Nah leaves her imprint on every musical idea she touches throughout this wondrous 13-song journey…an immersion of a stunning talent destined to enthrall North American pop and jazz fans alike.
Youn Sun Nah · Immersion
Warner Music Group’s Arts Music Division · Release Date: September 27, 2019
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