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Featuring Guitarist Pritesh Walia, Keyboardist Sharik Hasan and Drummer Avery Logan, PSA is Poised to Redefine the Boundaries of the Traditional Organ Trio

Far More than a Mere Collection of tracks, PSA’s Self-Titled Debut is a Manifesto —a Bold Declaration of Intent to Contemporize the Organ Trio While Paying a Respectful Homage to its Roots

Available Now via PSA Records

“Not the kind of organ, guitar, drums trio who worship at the altar of Jimmy Smith or Wes Montgomery. No, this particular OGD is more contemporary – the guitar of Pritesh Walia more John Scofield or Mike Stern-like, while Sharik Hasan’s organ inclinations come over far more like John Medeski and Avery Logan’s busy drumming might well appeal to the drum ‘n’ bass lover

in your life.” — Marlbank

In the pulsating heart of the Boston jazz scene, a musical alchemy transpires whenever Pritesh Walia’s guitar, Sharik Hasan’s keys/organ/synths, and Avery Logan’s drumsticks collide. The result? A spellbinding trio, known collectively as PSA, poised to redefine the boundaries of the traditional organ trio. The genesis of this musical union reads like a serendipitous tale — Walia, Hasan and Logan naturally gravitated towards each other, driven by an insatiable passion for jazz and a shared ambition to breathe new life into the classic organ trio format.

Their collaborative process is the stuff of legend. Almost daily, one of them would bring a musical fragment to the table, a tantalizing kernel of inspiration. What ensued was a collective workshop where each member contributed his unique perspective, refining and sculpting the music until it resonated with the collective essence of PSA. It’s this organic, iterative approach that sets PSA apart, allowing their music to organically evolve into a genre-defying sonic experience.

In anticipation of their self-titled debut album, available Feb 23, PSA beckons listeners into a realm where tradition and innovation dance in harmonious tandem. Far more than a mere collection of tracks, this album is a manifesto — a bold declaration of intent to contemporize the organ trio while paying a respectful homage to its roots.

“Cliff Dunes” and “Onward,” standout tracks from the forthcoming record, serve as sonic testimonials to PSA’s reverence for the classic swing and blues compositions that define the traditional organ trio sound. These compositions are not mere recreations; they are heartfelt tributes, weaving the soulful essence of blues into the very fabric of PSA’s musical identity.

“Circle Around,” the pièce de résistance, unveils a modernist perspective on the organ trio. Infused with electronic sounds, groove-laden beats, and a modern jazz approach, this track is a bold step into uncharted territory. Synthesizers and other production elements lend a contemporary flair, adding layers of complexity and depth to the traditional organ trio sound.

Individually, Walia, Hasan, and Logan are virtuosos. Walia’s guitar work is a kaleidoscope of textures, Hasan’s keys and synths are a testament to his mastery of sonic landscapes, and Logans rhythmic precision on drums provides the heartbeat of PSA’s music. Together, they forge a symbiotic connection that transcends the boundaries of genre, creating a musical experience that is at once technically impressive and artistically expressive.

This is not just an album; it’s an invitation — a beckoning to embark on a captivating journey where tradition meets innovation, where the spirit of jazz thrives in exciting new ways. Each composition is a carefully crafted testament to PSA’s modern sensibilities, a snapshot of their deep-seated passion for jazz and an unwavering commitment to push the genre’s boundaries.

PSA is not just another jazz trio. These three musicians are visionaries, architects of a sonic revolution, and their self-titled album is their magnum opus. Join Walia, Hasan, and Logan as they redefine the very possibilities of jazz, offering readers an exclusive pass into the intersection of tradition and modernity. PSA promises an immersive experience, a celebration of the evolution of a genre, ensuring that the spirit of jazz remains vibrant and transformative in the hands of these maestros.

Photo by Joe Musacchia

PSA is (left to right) Avery Logan, Pritesh Walia and Sharik Hasan.


PSA Records· Release Date: February 23, 2024

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