Maria Echeverria

This Colombia native has been involved with DL Media since it’s inception and has worn many a hat.  Account Publicist to Girl Friday, she is responsible for guiding the editorial, graphic presentation, marketing, social media campaigns, website design and hospitality events associated with DL Media. With an undergraduate degree in Business and Journalism, along with a Masters in Design, her interests lay in design, architecture, travel, cooking and anything tech. She enjoys listening to all genres of music but Lady Day, Joni Mitchell, Jobim and Death Cab top her list. Along with supporting all DL Media management efforts, she has run successful pr campaigns that run the gamut from John Sebastian to the South African sensations Mahlathini and the Mahotella Queens in the 90’s; and Us3 to Kevin Eubanks in 2012.  She has also been involved with many music festivals DL Media has consulted,  among them Barcelona International Jazz Festival, JazzAspen Snowmass, Tranquility in Anguilla, the Panama Jazz Festival, and her main focus the last four years- the Portland Jazz Festival in beautiful Pacific Northwest.