Aubrey Logan – “Impossible” – Available September 1

Singer-songwriter, performer, and trombonist Aubrey Logan is no stranger to global fame, regularly amassing close to 2.5 million video hits whenever she delivers one of her unique swing-tinged, trombone-enriched, pop covers for the almighty viral sensation Postmodern Jukebox. Now the girl who was “too jazzy” for Simon Cowell on American Idol and who won the Montreux Jazz Festival Competition in 2009, takes a charismatic step into the solo limelight to release her debut album Impossible on September 1 via Fuel Music. A diverse, eclectic collection of genres and sounds, Logan had always been told it’d be impossible to successfully create a cross-genre album – a claim she has worked hard to defiantly prove wrong.

This debut album from Logan is the epitome of “defying the impossible,” hence the very apt title of Impossible. Eccentric, eclectic and enthused, Logan doesn’t adhere to genre rules, as it is simply not in her nature. This smart, sassy femme fatale has an insatiable appetite for entertaining her audience and doesn’t believe that our joy should be confined by genre parameters, which is evident on her debut album bringing the listener on a musical journey through exuberant presentation.

Impossible is loaded with 12 unique tracks which jigsaw beautifully together to create a work of perfect musical engineering. Produced by Dale Becker – son of mastering engineer Bernie Becker – the challenge was to “recreate Aubrey’s live charisma on the synthetic medium.” The title track from the album is the story of Logan’s musical mission in life; her battle to deliver a non-genre fitting sound, which others said simply couldn’t be done. Logan knew that if others think it’s impossible, then she must be onto something.

Impossible exposes Logan stripped back and raw – the real Aubrey – delivering dark verses interspersed with bright hopeful choruses. The cheeky dominance of “Gossip” reveals our human need to rumormonger and sees Logan fusing flecks of big band swing with a very modern defiant vocal sound. The brass intro of “Louboutins” is an autobiographical tale depicting a metaphorical picture of appearances, written after Logan was told that she needed to wear the red-soled Louboutins if she wanted to be successful.

From the highs of these up-tempo numbers, Logan also has the unnerving ability to weave heart-wrenching emotion through her ballads. “Don’t Wanna Tell Nobody” is a track which Logan sings at every live performance and one which often demands an encore since its ability to touch everyone is that strong. This track is applicable to a myriad of situations – it’s about the feelings evoked from decisions, rather than being simply about a love breakdown.

You’ll find arias amongst this delicious musical mix too, but Aubrey-style, as Logan gives us the classic “Habanera” from Carmen. Logan felt this was a fun cover with all the rules she’d been reared on broken – don’t sing an aria, don’t change an aria, only a mezzo soprano can sing this – rule book out of the window – “Habanera” delivered Aubrey-style.

Logan was placed on this earth with the sole vocation to perform. The daughter of music-teaching parents, Logan turned down a spot at the Montreux Jazz Festival Voice Competition to diligently accept a place at Berklee College of Music. Three years later she found herself winning the Montreux Jazz Festival Voice Competition. At the age of 22, Logan moved to Los Angeles and began her relationship with Hollywood. Logan became the hired gun on many high-profile tracks and live performances and suddenly the talent of Logan started to shine through.

In 2015, Shoshana Bean of Postmodern Jukebox introduced Aubrey to the their founder, Scott Bradlee. Logan’s fast rap/swing version of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” was an instant online phenomenon, amassing close to 2.5 million YouTube hits. Logan rapidly cemented her place with Postmodern Jukebox, becoming the band’s sassy fire-cracker touring the globe relentlessly with them.

Now Logan steps into the limelight as a solo artist with her debut album, an album which proves that the impossible can be achieved. A fiercely passionate serving of defiance, which sounds audibly divine. So if you think you love music enough to step beyond genre-boundaries then Impossible is an album for you. Deliverance of the impossible is here – Aubrey Logan-style.

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