Philadelphia Natives Orrin Evans and Kevin Eubanks Return Home to Celebrate Release of Evans’ #knowingishalfthebattle, Available Now on Smoke Sessions Records

Philadelphia Natives Orrin Evans and Kevin Eubanks
Return Home to Celebrate Release of Evans’
#knowingishalfthebattleAvailable Now
on Smoke Sessions Records
December 28 through December 30, 2016 at Chris’ Jazz Cafe
Pianist Orrin Evans is celebrating the release of his new album, #knowingishalfthebattle, with fellow Philadelphia native and guitarist Kevin Eubanks. Performances will take place at Chris’ Jazz Cafe from Wednesday, December 28 to Friday, December 30 with sets at 8:00PM and 10:00PM. The album was released in October on Smoke Sessions Records.
Evans has parroted the line “knowing is half the battle” for decades, but says he has only recently come to realize what it truly means. On #knowingishalfthebattle, his third release for Smoke Sessions Records, Evans shares his own lessons in life and music in a raw, electrifying session that teams him with a pair of renowned guitarists–who are also, not coincidentally, native sons of Evans’ own hometown of Philadelphia–Kevin Eubanks and Kurt Rosenwinkel. He’s also joined by the latest in a long line of inspired rhythm sections: bassist Luques Curtis and drummer Mark Whitfield, Jr., along with up-and-coming saxophonist Caleb Wheeler Curtis and longtime collaborator, vocalist M’Balia.
“#knowingishalfthebattle” was recorded live in New York at Sear Sound’s Studio C
on a Sear-Avalon custom console at 96KHz/24bit and mixed to ½” analog tape
using a Studer mastering deck. Available in audiophile HD format.
Orrin Evans · #knowingishalfthebattle
Smoke Sessions Records · Release Date: October 7, 2016
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