AVAILABLE TOMORROW: Pianist Aaron Diehl Makes Mack Avenue Records and Studio Debut with Captivating New Album, “The Bespoke Man’s Narrative”

Pianist Aaron Diehl Makes Mack Avenue Records
and Studio Debut with Captivating New Album,
The Bespoke Man’s Narrative

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Aaron Diehl

The Bespoke Man’s Narrative


Release Date:

March 19, 2013


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 “A smart young pianist with a fastidious grasp of jazz traditions…”

– The New York Times


“Aaron Diehl, a rising star of jazz piano, has an individual talent so huge

that one day he may extend the jazz tradition.” – New York Daily News


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In fashion circles, the adjective “bespoke” denotes custom-made suits and shirts and signifies the person who designs and constructs them. On The Bespoke Man’s Narrative, his brilliant Mack Avenue Records debut, pianist Aaron Diehl extrapolates this notion to matters of musical invention.


“The idea for the metaphor was that the composition and concept were specifically for these musicians,” Diehl says, referring to his working quartet of 30-ish all-stars – vibraphonist (and Mack Avenue artist) Warren Wolf, bassist David Wong and drummer Rodney Green – that interprets the five originals and five arrangements comprising the program. “There’s a sequence, an arc, a beginning, middle and end. Each piece has something to do with my musical development.”


The project gestated in April of 2011 in Indianapolis after Diehl, 26, earned first place in the rigorous Cole Porter Fellowship in Jazz Competition of the American Pianists Association. The award garnered him $50,000 in career support and an opportunity to record with Mack Avenue Records. “I thought it would be wise to use the opportunity to document this ensemble,” Diehl states. “I decided to compose and arrange music in line with our own sound and conception, while using the strategies of bandleaders like John Lewis and Duke Ellington, who developed their music in line with the abilities of their personnel.”


An alumnus of Todd Stoll’s Columbus (Ohio) Youth Jazz Orchestra, Diehl is singularly positioned within his generation to apply these lessons to a contemporary context. At 17, directly after graduating high school, he joined the Wynton Marsalis Septet for a European tour of one-nighters. That fall, he matriculated at Juilliard, where Oxana Yablonskaya worked with him on “how to develop various aspects of my sound.” Diehl spent the last six months of his sophomore year – he was 19 at the time – helping pianist John Lewis’ widow, Mirjana, to organize her late husband’s archive of manuscripts, scores, reel-to-reel tapes and recordings. Already intimate with the stride piano canon from his teens, Diehl applied the quality time with Lewis’ Bach-to-blues oeuvre towards finding a conceptual space in which to coalesce his varied interests.


For all his collective orientation, Diehl commands attention at the piano. Addressing a Fazioli F-228 grand piano, he showcases a nuanced touch, a comfort zone with tempos ranging from rubato to brisk, encyclopedic harmonic knowledge, an abiding sense of blues expression and a will – when necessary – to swing. He’s assimilated vocabulary across the timeline, finding fresh, idiomatic ways to mix-and-match ideas drawn from a diverse cohort including, among others, Lewis, Ellington, Ahmad Jamal, Marcus Roberts and Kenny Kirkland. As he puts it, “My overall goal is trying to figure out how to connect all the language to make an interesting and engaging performance, and also develop my own voice. Why limit yourself to just playing something here and something there? It’s all gold.”


“This record is just a starting point, something on which to build and invest,” Diehl says. “Hopefully, over the long term, the ensemble will develop and refine a band sound.” Devotees of the idiom will eagerly await the process.


Aaron Diehl's new album -

Aaron Diehl’s 

The Bespoke Man’s Narrative (EPK)

The Bespoke Man’s Narrative Personnel & Track Listing:
Aaron Diehl / piano
Warren Wolf / vibraphone
David Wong / bass
Rodney Green / drums


1. Prologue (Aaron Diehl) – 1:59

2. Generation Y (Aaron Diehl) – 6:53

3. Blue Nude (Aaron Diehl) – 7:44

4. Moonlight in Vermont (John Blackburn, Karl Suessdorf) – 7:01

5. Single Petal of a Rose (Duke Ellington) – 6:38

6. The Cylinder (Milt Jackson) – 5:33

7. Stop and Go (Aaron Diehl) – 5:41

8. Le Tombeau de Couperin (III. Forlane) (Maurice Ravel) – 10:55

9. Bess, You Is My Woman Now (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin, DuBose Heyward) – 8:19

10. Epilogue (Aaron Diehl) – 3:04

Upcoming Aaron Diehl Performances
March 25 – 29 / Savannah Music Festival / Savannah, GA
April 3 / Jazz Standard / New York, NY
April 10 / Yale University, Environmental Film Festival / New Haven, CT
April 19 / Tryon Palace Performing Arts Center / New Bern, NC
April 20 / The American Music Festival / Morehead City, NC
April 21 / University of North Carolina Wilmington / Wilmington, NC
April 23-25 / Tri-C Jazz Festival (w/ Dominick Faranacci) / Cleveland, OH
April 28 / St. Peters Church – Jazz Vespers / New York, NY
May 3 / Van Singel Performing Arts Center / Byron Center, MI
May 9 / Ulster Performing Arts Center / Kingston, NY
May 25 / Atlanta Jazz Festival / Atlanta, GA
June 22 / Chelsea Music Festival / New York, NY
July 7 & 8 / Le Duc Ies Lombards / Paris, France
August 9 & 10 / Orpheum Performing Arts Center – Catskill Jazz Factory / Tannersville, NY
August 27 / Ravinia Festival / Highland Park, IL
December 26 – January 2 / Umbria Jazz Festival / Orvieto, Italy
Upcoming Aaron Diehl Performances with Cécile McLorin Salvant
May 25 / Atlanta Jazz Festival / Atlanta, GA
June 19 / SFJazz / San Francisco, CA
July 2 / Café de La Danse / Paris, France
July 5 / Jazz a Vienne / Monsegur, France
July 6 / Le parc du Château Laurens / Agde, France
July 9 / Club de Minuit / Vienne, France
July 12 / Ghent Jazz Festival / Ghent, Belgium
August 2-3 / Bix Beiderbeck Jazz Festival / Davenport, IA
August 24 / Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, Marcus Garvey Park / New York, NY
October 5 / Angra Festival / Angra, Portugal
October 19 / Berlind Theatre / Princeton, NJ
October 26 / Sixth & I Synogogue / Washington, DC

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